What does a TapeAlert report look like?

This post was written by admin on January 15, 2009
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This is what the SANtools software returns as it polls tape drives & autochangers

If you invoke SMARTMON-UX with the -X option, it will poll tapes at  the specified polling periods and produce a message such as:

       \\.\TAPE0 polled at Sun Aug 18 23:19:21 2002 Status:Passed


If there was a problem, you might see:

       \\.\TAPE0 polled at Sun Aug 18 23:26:49 2002 Status:Not Data Grade – The cartridge is not data grade. Data written to it will be at risk.


Note that it is possible that in the event of a TapeAlert, you will get more than one message per polling cycle.

The information is used by permisson from SANtools.  The full page is at: http://www.santools.com/smart/unix/manual/tapealertviewer.htm

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